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Pinehurst #2 / Hole No 9–Colorado Style!

It’s about 28 degrees in Colorado today…and I decided to play Pinehurst #2.  It would be painful to watch me play all 18 holes.  The video above depicts a flyover view of Hole 9.  And below is me playing the hole on the simulator.  Check it out.

My wife thinks this is comedy…I thought it was pretty interesting stuff.  Either way, I’m still playing golf today…and any day on the golf course (simulator in this case) is a great day.  Par!

I shot a 98 today at Pinehurst!  I have no business playing the champion’s tees, yet I played them anyway. Although I should never mention myself with professionals who actually play this course, I’d like to picture myself playing in a foursome with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Jordan Spieth.  In this case, all four of us made this look easy.  If we were playing skins, I almost birdied this hole and took their money. What???

Pinehurst Resort is one of the largest resorts in the U.S. It contains 9 different courses, three hotels, a spa, and lots of sports and leisure activities. It was founded by James Walker Tufts.  Pinehurst No. 2 was designed by Donald Ross.  It was said “the course was the fairest test of championship golf ever designed”. In 1996 it was designated as a National Historic Landmark.  Many people are most familiar with Payne Stewart winning the US Open at Pinehurst in 1999.

I’ve never been to the real resort…I look forward to playing there someday soon.


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